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illegally parked hoboken fire car july 2007 520x245 - City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

City Offender Zone 8/10/2007

Here’s a weekly update, with photos submitted by 411 readers. Cops should be able to park anywhere, even in the middle of the street, as long as it’s official police business or an emergency....

hoboken illegally parked shopping cart july 2007 520x245 - Illegally parked shopping cart

Illegally parked shopping cart

Man, the illegal parking doesn’t stop in Hoboken! Take a look at this shopping cart with the “make the kid feel like he’s in control so he doesn’t knock over an entire display of...

hoboken illegally parked car july 12 2007 2 520x245 - Parking Offenders on Film - 7/13/2007

Parking Offenders on Film – 7/13/2007

As you can see on the left sidebar of, I’ve re-organized the parking section a little bit. I’ve moved Street Cleaning as a sub-section, as well as added two new sub-categories: “City Offender...