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plastic bag nonsense hoboken NJ ravi bhalla

Plastic Bag NONSENSE!

Plastic Bag NONSENSE! In the latest round of liberal lunacy – Hoboken “mayor” – Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla – is “strongly advocating” for (euphemism for getting paid in some other way), the OUTRIGHT...

hoboken intersection 520x245 - Hoboken Intersections

Hoboken Intersections

Hoboken Intersections – yeah, it’s common sense! We’ve been talking about intersection visibility on for almost 13 years. It’s insane that it took a decade and a third for people to wake up...

NY Waterway statement about UDD Hoboken NJ

NY Waterway statement about UDD (update)

[We feel that abusing eminent domain for what amounts to “luxury recreation” is wrong on all levels. They’re essentially using eminent domain purely for political purposes. Remember, WANTS are a whole lot different than...