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Hoboken411 Oscar d 2020 520x245 - R.I.P. Oscar

R.I.P. Oscar

R.I.P. Oscar The Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar has passed away. Mr. Oscar lived to be 15 and a half years old. Amazing for any canine.


R.I.P. Tonka

R.I.P. Tonka Four weeks ago today, we had to put one of our four dogs down. The name of this sweet boy was Tonka. He was an Australian Shepherd (Blue Merle). It was our...

Hoboken Dog Parks have Risks

Hoboken Dog Parks {and risks}

Hoboken Dog Parks {Yes, there are risks!} One Hoboken resident asked us to “expose” this dude who works for a dog-walking company in town. “Another one of his dogs just bit another dog in...

Hoboken Dog Wash Grooming XMAS idea

Xmas Idea: Hoboken Dog Wash

Xmas Idea: Hoboken Dog Wash We recently took Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar for a (LONG OVERDUE) grooming over at Hoboken Dog Wash (211 4th Street). As always, our favorite Hoboken Dog Groomer Mercedez did a...

do you love your dog

Do you love your dog?

Do you love your dog? {update} A quick bump from this post from (last decade). A post we wrote called “Do you love your dog?” It was about my first pooch Oscar. Don’t worry...

pet rabbits spotted in hoboken NJ 520x245 - Hoboken Rabbits

Hoboken Rabbits

Dogs are bad! But rabbits are good {and goats too} Ever since angry people in Hoboken forced the adminstration to “crack down” on the so-called bad dogs in local parks, all sorts of other...