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Gravity Vault Uptown Hoboken Developments Bijou Properties

Uptown Hoboken Developments

Uptown Hoboken Developments {pretty neat!} Last year, one developer had a great plan for a bowling alley, rock climbing gym and a few residential buildings. This would have started the motion of making the...

TransitScreen Hoboken NJ Bijou Park Garden

TransitScreen arrives in Hoboken

NJ First: TransitScreen unveiled at Park + Garden in Hoboken Bijou Properties Unveils First TransitScreen Displays in New Jersey “Installations Advance Sustainability for the City of Hoboken” n an effort to champion responsible transportation...

Harrison Flats Hoboken NJ Condo Real Estate

Harrison Flats

Hoboken Condo “Factory:” Harrison Flats Hoboken is fairly well known for what are called “cookie cutter condos,” which far outnumber any phenomenal apartment buildings. You know, max density, cheap materials, corner-cutting. Another new building...