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hoboken uptown rite aid construction parking lot condos real estate 520x245 - Uptown Rite Aid Lot

Uptown Rite Aid Lot

8/7/2008: It’s been over a year since this entry was updated, so I bumped it today with a fresh Hoboken411 reader mail entry. “Great site. I read it a couple times a day. I...

hoboken neumann leathers tenants association logo 520x245 - Neumann Leathers fundraiser

Neumann Leathers fundraiser

8/5/2008: If you care about the future of downtown Hoboken, it’s recommended that you attend and support the cause! From Tim Daly: Emergency legal warchest fundraiser this Thursday! When: This Thursday, August 7, 2008...

hoboken archstone apartment 5285 per month 3br real estate rental 520x245 - $63,420 at Archstone!

$63,420 at Archstone!

7/30/2008: This 1,500 square foot 3BR apartment at the Archstone building is $5285 per month! If you (and a few friends) have $63,420 burning a hole in your pockets, why not rent it?

hoboken luxurious new condo homes next generation of urban living corporate realty 520x245 - "iPod ready" counts as an amenity?

“iPod ready” counts as an amenity?

7/25/2008: [rant] File this under “anything to sell a Hoboken condo.” Prospective buyers conversation: “Hey honey, I’m stuck between the 2400 sq. ft. well-built condo uptown versus the 900 sq. ft. renovated unit downtown…...