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Hoboken Highest Rent in New Jersey


Hoboken HIGHEST RENT! [ Yet another “data mining” article that indicates that Hoboken has the highest rent in New Jersey. In fact, Hoboken (as well as others, like Edgewater), have on average 2.5x times...

Density & Dominos

Density & Dominos

Density & Dominos While news about life-shortening commercially-produced pizza pies doesn’t excite us (i.e., Dominos closing temporarily), the continuation of Hoboken’s density does raise eyebrows. The old shack Dominos occupied is turning into yet...

Hoboken Trader Joes May 19th 2017 320x210 - Trader Joe's Hoboken

Trader Joe’s Hoboken

Trader Joe’s one week away in Hoboken One week from today, Trader Joe’s will open their doors uptown at 14th & Willow. While retail should no longer excite normal people, this remains a good...