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two kinds of hunger only one is good

Two kinds of hunger

Two kinds of hunger {one is good} In our years living with the low-carb mindset – we’ve been able to clearly identify that there are two kinds of hunger (at least two primary reasons...

low carb living

A long-term carb story {and more}

A long-term carb story {a true carbohydrate perspective} We’ve been in the “low carb” mindset here at Hoboken411 for just about five years. Extensive reading (and re-reading), along with experimentation (and failure), and careful...

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Thin Slim Foods

You can eat bread {Thin Slim Foods} We embarked on a low-carb lifestyle way back in 2010. After much research and self-experimentation, we determined it’s almost single-handedly the most important “life change” every human...