Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette 520x245 - Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette People used to be quite good with dogs in Hoboken. With the exception of a moron with an untrained dog like a Pit Bull, most interactions were okay. Typically got...

goodbye flickr

Goodbye Flickr!

Goodbye Flickr! It looks like Flickr is shooting themselves in the foot. They effectively changing their data plan from 1TB (1 Terabyte) of free hosting to just 1,000 images (probably an average of 5-10gb...

cost of everything 520x245 - The Cost of Everything

The Cost of Everything

One aspect of “life” we rarely see most of the talking heads (and other social media blabbering douchebags) mentioning – is TAXATION. How it is omnipotent. Everywhere. Look at your cell bill. How many...