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cost of everything 520x245 - The Cost of Everything

The Cost of Everything

One aspect of “life” we rarely see most of the talking heads (and other social media blabbering douchebags) mentioning – is TAXATION. How it is omnipotent. Everywhere. Look at your cell bill. How many...

virtue signaling

Virtue Signaling Voices

An excellent long read (4,200 words) that offers a fantastic explanation of how media, polarization, indoctrination, and many other methods of societal manipulation work. Even if you think you’re smarter than everyone else, odds...

Battaglias doomed hoboken nj

Battaglia’s – Doomed

Battaglia’s Doomed in Hoboken We sort of sensed something was up when the fake sales at Ballaglia’s started popping up. They’re doomed after all these years. Probably the internet’s fault. And all the current...