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5g trojan horse 520x245 - 5g Trojan Horse {PAY ATTENTION!}

5g Trojan Horse {PAY ATTENTION!}

Attention Hoboken – you will NOT find a more complete or comprehensive overview of “5g” and the Trojan Horse it really is! This 96-minute documentary exposes the truth behind the global “Race to 5G.”...

escape 520x245 - Where you gonna go?

Where you gonna go?

Where you gonna go? 50,000+ people are in Hoboken. “What if” this retarded super-flu virus breaks out in ways you cannot prepare for? Where will you go? Will you stay put? More questions than...

social decay addict 520x245 - NFL Social Decay

NFL Social Decay

While still a lot of people are “gearing up” for the big sports day tomorrow – so much is totally overlooked! As The NFL Season Continues, The Social Decay In NFL Cities Is Worse...