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is enhanced safety at Hoboken NJ ferry terminal necessary

Enhanced Safety?

Enhanced safety measures at uptown Hoboken ferry terminal This summer, the uptown ferry terminal was “upgraded” with some new “enhanced safety” features. Including a motorized gate, strobe light and beeping bell – which go...

Shark Hudson River Weehawken New Jersey

Sharks in Hudson?

What next for Hudson River? Shark invasion? Boy, from heroic miracles like the US Airways Flight 1549 splash landing, to patriotic holiday events, and even sad, tragic endings – the Hudson River certainly is...

Free company cars in Hoboken?

Free company cars in Hoboken?

Hoboken Fire Dept. SUV spotted coming from the shore – free company car? Hoboken resident John spotted this Hoboken Fire Department SUV recently: “Was there a fire HFD was responding to in Monmouth County?...