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sick until proven healthy

Sick until proven healthy?

Sick until proven healthy? This kind of sums up the colossal mental retardation that the majority of our populous has achieved in less than two short years. Turn off the frickin’ mainstream brainwashing channels,...

public school

Public School

Public School Thankfully – many more people now realize how damaging this indoctrination system called “public school” is. Society has essentially allowed it. Why? We cannot know for sure. Just read John Taylor Gatto...

society is doomed top

Society is doomed – change my mind

Society is doomed People were writing the exact same thing centuries before she wrote that. And in most cases, “empires” behaving exactly the same, came crashing down. No one seems to have learned much....

weapons of mass stupidity meme 411 thumb


WEAPONS OF MASS STUPIDITY We don’t watch the news, but we know the narrative being pushed these days nonetheless. I’m sure it would be an unpleasant experience watching these people yammer on. Truly weapons...


Truth manipulation is real

Truth manipulation is real How many of you think it’s a crying shame that internet memes are literally more truthful and less manipulative than what you see on the so-called “news.” Today’s memes are...