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never forget is more than just 9 11

Never Forget

Never Forget {it’s more than just 9/11} As I watch society devolve into their digital matrix and knee-jerk social justice warrior memes – it got me thinking about the whole “never forget” movement. Search...

expired woman

The Expired Woman

The Expired Woman By Chateau Heartiste How does a woman let decades slip by and watch forlornly as she tumblrs from bodacious to barren? By deluding herself that her biological clock has more minutes...

Hoboken411 Week in Review June 18 2017-2

Hoboken411 Week in Review

Hoboken411 Week in Review – June 18, 2017 Below are a some posts published on Hoboken411 the week ending Sunday, June 18, 2017 Hoboken411 Posts: You might want to think a little harder before...