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Cyrano Mile Square Theatre Hoboken NJ October 2014


Mile Square Theatre presents: Cyrano Hoboken’s premiere theatre group started 10 years ago, and their very first production was Cyrano. And to commemorate their Decennial anniversary, they bringing it back again! Starting this Saturday,...

Halloween Pub Crawl Hoboken

Hoboken Halloween Pub Crawl 2014

Hoboken Halloween Pub Crawl 2014 Halloween is certainly one of those “holidays” where people, especially when in costume, really come out of their shell. And in 2014 – Halloween falls on a Friday –...

Hoboken kids damage trees

Moms hate trees?

Hoboken moms hate trees apparently! What an entitled city Hoboken has become! Based on the following evidence, it’s clear that moms hate trees! There’s some “mom in the city” event taking place in the...