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how long can commercial entertainment last

Commercial Entertainment

How long will major commercial entertainment last? I bought a “newly released” Blu-Ray movie the other day. Innerspace, starring Martin Short, Meg Ryan and others. I recall seeing the movie (and it being funny),...

ranking stories are the worst kind of stories to tell

Database Ranking BS!!

Don’t get sucked into the trend of “rankings” and “top lists,” they’re nothing but manufactured fodder with little to no usefulness.

influences do you think for yourself

What influences you?

Influences: Has everyone stopped thinking for themselves? We recently received some kind of newsletter (euphemism for marketing) that claimed that I’ll say that again a different way: They claim 75% of consumers NEED social...

to hell with the commuting nightmare

Your commuting nightmare

Why not treat commuting nightmares as opportunities? If you truly want to be somewhere fun (the beach, casino, concert), getting stuck in traffic is not the best situation. However, for those with a “daily...

Baby Bottle Washer Kickstarter

Hudson County Baby Kickstarter

Local mom attempts baby kickstarter project Hudson County resident (and mom) Michelle Ngo (who also works at Bangz Salon in Hoboken) has an invention she’d like to pitch. It’s a baby bottle watcher, and...

be happy you're offended in America

Be happy you’re offended!

You are not free – unless you are offended! 2015 definitely is shaping up to be the “year of the offended.” We’ve already opined a couple times already this year (articles such as “You...

my own social media

(Your) My own social media

Here’s an interesting little essay for you to put into perspective: My Own Social Media haven’t got a computer, but I was told about Facebook and Twitter and am trying to make friends outside...