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Trippy blue snow as seen in Hoboken NJ

Blue snow in Hoboken

Why? Blue snow in Hoboken? Been meaning to mention this… Did you notice that after one of our bigger storms this year – that we had a very unusual blue snow phenomenon? Maybe I...

No more snow please for Hoboken NJ

No more snow please!

We’ve had enough in Hoboken – no more snow please! We won’t know how much snow we’ll get until it’s all over – but there is “chatter” amongst meteorologists that there is potential for...

Northeast and Hoboken NJ Snow January 2 2014 into January 3

Snowy start to new year 2014

Yep. It snowed in Hoboken. Hardly an “EMERGENCY!” There you have it folks. We had what amounted to a fairly “standard” winter weather event. Not a paralyzing situation by any means. It was quite...