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General Hoboken weather related news, updates and warnings.

Arctic Blast Cold Hoboken NJ

Cold Hoboken!

Wind Chills – Cold Hoboken reminder of the seasons Yikes. Some of the coldest weather of the season is upon us. This weekend temps are expected to hover around zero, with windy conditions. My...

Hoboken Blizzard 2016 Washington Street

First big snow of 2016

What dedication! Whether rain or snow, etc.! 1/23/2016 12pm update: Wow, take a look at this mail man! Seems like they really respect their motto! What dopes put money in a parking meter during...

Farmers Almanac Hoboken NJ Myth or Legend

Christmas 2015 Snow Storm

Farmers’ Almanac says: Christmas 2015 Snow Storm! For the first time in maybe two decades – I picked up a 2016 copy of The Old Farmers’ Almanac. I’m looking forward to this trip down...

Hurricane Joaquin track September 30 2015

Hurricane Joaquin wha?

Hurricane Joaquin update Still 3-5 days out, and the forecast models for Hurricane Joaquin still have it hitting the east coast somewhere. Currently suggesting from the Carolina cape area up through Delaware, etc. One...