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Quiet Warrior Turbulent World 1

How to be a quiet warrior

A great post that might ring true to many of you who are “getting” that the world (technology and it’s side-effects) is causing some concern for people (observational individuals at least.) (Courtesy of Mateo...

Uber on the ropes

Is Uber on the ropes?

CA: Uber drivers ARE employees Looks like super-popular app-based ride service Uber recevied a pretty devastating blow recently (at least in the State of California): alifornia Labor Commission has ruled that Uber drivers are...

manspreading common courtesy criminalized

Common Courtesy Criminalized

Wrong: Criminalizing (lack of) Common Courtesy Holy politically-correct society we live in! Since when did the lack of things like common courtesy become reason for arrest? Now “manspreading” is infuriating some people so much...

The power of observation Hoboken NJ

The power of observation

How many of you know the power of observation? I ask that because I think “understanding” has been reduced to the equivalent of a “lost art.” The power of observation (and its siblings contemplation,...

NJ State Police Ghost cars

Ghost Cars

Ghost Cars for police – isn’t it obvious why? Late last month – there was so-called “news” story that talked about how the NJ State Police “unveiled” their new Ghost Cars as their newest...

Amazon Echo Hoboken NJ

Amazon Echo

Quick review: Amazon Echo Six months ago we kind of bashed the whole concept of Amazon Echo. But what we didn’t tell you is that we later got an offer to buy it ahead...

site upgrade

Site upgrade

We finally did a site upgrade this weekend. See what’s new and what’s coming.