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happy new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! Hope everyone is enjoying their “new year” of 2018! As we’ve been doing for many years now – is the acquired skill of avoiding big scenes and laying low. So...

Avis buys Zipcar hourly rental 520x245 - Avis will buy Zipcar for $500 million

Avis will buy Zipcar for $500 million

Avis buys Zipcar for half a billion dollars Zipcar Inc. helped create the modern-day hourly car rental industry, giving urban customers instant access to vehicles in their neighborhood. Now the business upstart is becoming...


Why are co-workplaces so desirable?

Why are co-workplaces so desirable? You see these so-called “co-workplaces” popping up everywhere these days. Why are they such a big deal? It reminds us of the old “internet cafes” of days past. I’m...

Hoboken Blood Drive August 16 2017

Blood Drive in Hoboken this week

Give Blood, Get Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card [: While giving blood is, and always will be a necessity “for humanity,” it’s probably wise to know that the costs for services like this came from...