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powerman 5000 free

Powerman 5000 – FREE

Powerman 5000 – FREE A lot of you have probably not heard of this group (Powerman 5000) or song (FREE) – but the lyrics shine some light on how NOT free most of us...

1973 Baby Killers Memetoon Monday Hoboken411

Memetoon Monday (12/19)

Memetoon Monday – Better than “fake news!” A new feature we’re experimenting with at is Memetoon Monday. A collection of recent “Memes” and cartoons that depict life in our country. They say mockery and...

unchecked immigration

Unchecked Immigration

Unchecked Immigration – No big deal, right? Diversity! Sweden is a country with about 10 million people. And according to some statistics, they’ve rapidly “integrated” about 10 percent of that number of “immigrants” from...