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Hoboken Weehawken gridlock lincoln tunnel June 10 2014

Lincoln Tunnel Lockdown

100% WTF Times Crazy police lockdown, assault rifles, body armor, SWAT vehicles, shields, black tactical uniforms, road closures, sirens, flashing lights. For two unrelated “threats.” And the possibility that someone had “a gun” (which...

Cody Brown Missing

Cody Brown: Missing Person from WA

Missing Person Alert: Cody Brown Hoboken411 reader Jen sent in this sign posted around Hudson County indicating a urgent Missing Person Alert for a 29-year old man named Cody Brown. Cody Brown is a...

Andrew Jarzyk missing person Hoboken NJ

Have you seen Andrew Jarzyk?

Body in Hudson: Andrew Jarzyk Hoboken sources confirmed this afternoon that the body found in the Hudson River yesterday was that of missing Andrew Jarzyk. A sad day of closure for friends and relatives...