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night cops in Hoboken NJ

Night cops in Hoboken

Do we need more night cops in Hoboken? If you only read the highly polished press releases coming out of City Hall, you’d think no more night cops in Hoboken would be needed. As...

shots fired Hoboken NJ 8th Monroe


Update: Victim shot twice 2/3/2016 Uodate: Here’s an update regarding last night’s shooting. The suspect (or “actor” as they often refer to them as) was a black male, wearing all black. Still at large....

graffiti at pier c park hoboken removed

Hoboken Graffiti {over, for now}

Hoboken graffiti removed, “artists” caught Well, it took long enough – but apparently the “kids” who defaced Pier C Park last month were apparently caught. Not sure what will happen to them. But the...

Stan Grossbard Jen Giattino shuffle papers instead of helping residents

Shadowy Mayor {update}

What’s Shadowy Grossbard & Giattino up to? For nearly three days, the city was mired with one of the biggest water main breaks in recent memory. You’d think “city officials” would be out in...