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hoboken stolen gps theft increase 520x245 - Avoid GPS Stupidity!

Avoid GPS Stupidity!

12/21/2010 Update: Hoboken Police remind you again: Remove GPS units! Detective Sergeant Sam Williams from the Hoboken Police Department is once again asking that everyone who owns/uses a GPS device in their car to...

Vandalism spreading in Hoboken

Vandalism spreading in Hoboken

12/21/2010: Uptown Hoboken areas seeing increased vandal action The car window smashing and GPS-stealing incidents definitely seem to be on an upward trend as of late in Hoboken. Several car windows were broken recently...

Smashed Car Window 2nd Street Hoboken NJ 520x245 - $500 Hoboken headache

$500 Hoboken headache

12/20/2010: Hoboken resident Theresa and her soon-to-be husband had a window on their brand new car smashed this past weekend. She shares her thoughts below. If you think you saw this incident and can...