Russo endorses Obama

2/5/2008 Update:

A letter from Michael Russo that was sent out yesterday. Isn’t the Presidential election in November?


Dear Neighbor:

Today I write to you, reaffirming my commitment to changing the ways of old style politics and inefficient government, by reminding you to cast your ballot to elect Barack Obama as our next president of the United States.

I join Barack in believing that:

  • We can unite Americans around a politics that puts attainable solutions ahead of partisan calculation and special interest groups;
  • A strategic long-term investment in research, infrastructure, education, and training and workforce development can create new opportunities for all Americans, – especially the forgotten middle class!
  • Our nation can lead in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the effect of climate change on our planet.
  • Our nation can provide quality, affordable and portable health care to every American.

And together we have HOPE for a better America, a better world!

Join me at the Polls tomorrow, in electing Barack Obama as our next President! Vote column A all the way!

Councilman Michael Russo
Hon. Chairman
Hoboken for Obama”


Make what you will of this press release from 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo. I just got the email 15 minutes ago, and already have received commentary that “he’s just riding the popularity of Barack Obama!”

(Note spelling in press release – Who is “Barck?” A dog?)



HOBOKEN, N.J./JANUARY 8, 2008-It is my honor and privilege to announce my support for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency of the United States. Sen. Obama’s ability to inspire and speak to Americans of all ages and backgrounds to work for the common good of our great nation echoes the words of President John F. Kennedy.

Sen. Obama’s “Stand for Change” is a movement that is creating a new era in American politics. His truly inclusive vision for America transgresses racial, religious, socio-economic and political barriers. These qualities mirror my own vision as the Third Ward Councilman for the City of Hoboken.

Sen. Obama will be attending a rally at St. Peter’s College’s Yanitelli Center on John F. Kennedy Boulevard tomorrow, Wednesday, January 9th at 3:45 p.m. (doors open at 2:30 p.m.). Please join me and many other supporters from throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan area as we “rally for change” from the status quo and embrace the future of this great nation, the next President of the United States, Sen. Barack Obama.

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I wasn’t so sure where to post this. Anyone watch the debate last night?

This is what Hillary said just minutes after taking issue with Barack using elements from other speeches.


it is beyond the comprehension of my collective brain cells why anyone in their right mind would actually follow the recommendation of a Hoboken City Councilperson in order to cast their vote for President. I know it happens – with the Born ‘N Raised folks – but my feeble mind apparently can’t grasp it.

strand tramp
strand tramp

beamsucker, please point to the part of my comment that states that “white people are superior to others…”
please, i will wait-


no strand, that’s called discrimination and a double standard.

If you champion equality, then all races are represented rather than favoring one over another regardless of rationale. By favoring one and rejecting others, that’s discrimination.

Clearly, there is a double standard in that some have where it’s ok for one race to support that race’s interests while racism is fallaciously cited when another race does the same exact thing.

For example, a big issue is getting into a good state university. Because of quotas, some races are favored and other races are punished. Admissions is not based upon the best qualified acedemic performance, but rather admissions is partly determined by race – this is discrimination based upon race. If that race tries to represent and legally support the rejection of a particular race who is the one of the highest qualified applicant but is denied admissions based upon race quotas, then that support is erroneously cited as racism – a lie.


What a tiresome, worn-out argument. For the 10,000th time:

racism: belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Is the NAACP saying that the black race is superior to others? No, it’s there to promote equality – which, in case you’ve forgotten, blacks have had to fight for.

Are potatochip, you, and other small-minded nativists saying that white people are superior to others and need to be kept in the majority at all costs? Apparently.

Get it?