Reader Mail: Random Tuesday Politics


Regarding the 2008 Presidential race, I’m going to try my best to keep my personal political feelings to myself for a while, but that won’t stop me from publishing what you guys have to say!

Today, we have two references to Democratic candidates (and a jab at a local council person.)

Obama and his right arm

There’s some kind of “rally” down at Texas Arizona tonight, where people are gathering to get all drunk and giddy about the New Hampshire Primary, and support Barack Obama.

One reader who is not a fan of Obama, wants to focus on this picture of him not standing with his hand on his chest during the National Anthem last year (while other politicians were.) “These should be printed out and distributed during the rally!” he wrote.

You can read more about this picture and the semantics of how you should stand at

barack obama not pledging the flag - Reader Mail: Random Tuesday Politics

Hillary Fired Up Meter

Another reader thought the concept of this Washington Post video was funny.

“Watch about 30 seconds into this video for the “Hillary Fired Up Meter.” It’s funny and we should do this with local politicians, such as the “Nervous Nonsensical Terry LaBruno Meter.”

That’s all the politics for today (unless someone gets shot or something…)

Feel free to send your snippits in about any political figure, local, national or otherwise.

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Hey, why don’t we worry about real issues instead of whether of not someone wheres a flag pin or where hot they stand when a song is sang.


settle down beamrider.


Egad, H411 is turning into “Bill O’Reilly: Early Edition”. This picture is old news, and devoid of meaning – unless you’re one of these “flags tattooed on inner eyelids, if you don’t support the war in Iraq you hate America” types.

kooky kat

Maybe he just doesn’t know the words?


[quote comment=”60909″][quote comment=”60901″]who puts their hand over their heart during the national anthem? pledge of allegiance=hand, anthem= sing :mrgreen:[/quote]

I occasionally see it at sporting events. But as far as I have ever known, military and Police salute during the Anthem and you should take off your hat as a sign of respect. No hand over heart, like the Pledge. And seriously? Just because someone doesn’t put their hand over their heart does that make them a bad person? or a bad politician? I can think of a lot of other issues that are more important than this when it comes to the election![/quote]

exactly- the “he didn’t put his hand on his heart” is some campaign’s red herring.