Nourishing Wisdom for Mom & Baby

Nourishing Wisdom for Mom & Baby – Hoboken, NJ

Nourishing Wisdom for Mom Baby 112 Willow Ave Hoboken NJAs more and more parents are staying in Hoboken longer, the “babyville” aspect of the mile square will continue growing indefinitely. One new venue is Nourishing Wisdom {for Mom + Baby + Wellness}.

Located at 112 Willow Ave, Nourishing Wisdom is a “Holistic and wellness center offering evidence-based education, mindful and nurturing support, and eco-conscience products for pregnancy, parenting and natural family living.” Wow, that was a mouthful.

This new age service’s goal is “To provide education and nurturing support that empowers women and parents to make informed choices that promote wellness and natural family living.” Hmmm. Sounds to me their goal is more like “I will sell you stuff I convinced you you need!” No?

Founder Rebeca Four is fully armed with newfangled terminology, like: “Rebeca encourages women to create wellness and spiritual vivacity in every facet of their lives by tuning into their inner wisdom about birth and mothering and reclaiming their intuition and wisdom about life.” What? What does that mean? No one is “in tune” anymore?

And to round it out: “When she’s not conscientiously and gently parenting her daughter, Madison, or supporting women and families achieve health and emotional wellbeing, Rebeca can be found shopping at farmers’ markets, meditating, reading, listening to music, hosting evenings with friends filled with laughter, or preparing delectable home-cooked vegan meals for herself and Madison. She enjoys keeping the conversations of whole plant nutrition, normal birth and breastfeeding, and self-care and spiritual wellness.” Man, I feel like walking on eggshells! $10 says she also approves of handing out “last place trophies.”

Dunno. You can Google all the stuff she sells – so I’m not sure how this is a viable business model. But she is a “Lactation Consultant,” so perhaps they’ll have staying power.

Nourishing Wisdom for Mom and Baby Hoboken NJ

Description: New Age baby consultant. Baby Massage, lactation consultations, birth doula, kids yoga instructor. Now go hug a tree.
Address: 112 Willow Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: nourishingwisdomservices.comFacebook

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 4:41 am

More glibly, a doula.

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