Sensible Christmas gifts – for the kitchen

Some of the most sensible Christmas gifts involve cooking

We ran a poll about restaurants the other day – and I was surprised to see how few people are “full time cooks” here in Hoboken. And that got me thinking – that kitchen and cooking items make the most sensible Christmas gifts you can give anyone.

Cooking is such an enjoyable task. Not only can you be creative (I call my griddle my “canvas” each time I cook), but it’s 100% practical and economical to feed yourself too! And every kitchen could use some useful tools at some point.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Here’s a list of really helpful items for you, a friend or a loved one!

Best Kitchen Gifts – 2013 Edition

Pyrex 10 Piece Storage Set – I love these things. Cheap, too (just $18). Five storage containers with lids. Three (3) round bowls along with two (2) rectangular GLASS storage containers. Perfect for storing leftovers. Or you might want to start a neighborhood “food trading” club, and share fun recipes with your friends down the block.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Set (28 pc) – I always prefer glass, but in some cases plastic containers are more practical. This 28 piece set can be had for under $20, and the fact that the lids attach to the bottom when you store them makes your life a bit easier too.

Sensible Christmas Gifts for the kitchen Cuisinart Cook Central Multi CookerCuisinart Cook Central Multi-Cooker (7 Quart) – You’ll definitely want those storage containers mentioned above when you have an awesome slow-cooker! I’ve tried a lot of slow cookers out, and this Cuisinart is the king of the hill. They call it a “multi-cooker,” because it allows you to brown meats and sear vegetables up to 500 degrees. Some slow cooked recipes call for browned meats, and this helps out (and perfect for tiny Hoboken apartments). But be careful – it’s 1800 watts, and can pop some circuit breakers in older buildings. (That is from experience). Overall it’s a must-have item in our kitchen.

Best French Whip – 12 inches – We make omelets and scrambled eggs all the time in my house, and a decent whip is in order (and not just for eggs). But what you want is one that lasts. The Best brand lasts forever – and it’s MADE IN THE USA. How about that? You might want to try the 10 inch version as well, if you prepare smaller portions.

Victorinox Knives – No kitchen is ever considered complete without a couple “go to” knives. For us – it’s the Victorinox brand. Affordable and well made. The 3.25″ paring knife as well as the 8″ Chef’s Knife are used daily.

Stop ordering so much takeout and be in control of your dietary intake!

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