Snowy Tuesday for Hoboken!

Hooray! A snowy Tuesday in store for Hoboken, NJ

Pretty much every winter we get some snowfall. It’s a fact of life. We have seasons here in Hoboken. Sometimes you get a hefty blizzard or two, or years with surprisingly little snow (like last year – and boy was it a breeze!) But no matter what, it never is the “end of the world.” We just deal with it until it melts.

But something has happened over the years. The “media” is sensationalizing every last incident of the weather beyond belief. “Team coverage” and other crap on TV is painful to watch (part of the reason we stopped). And why are they calling the snow “disruptive?” Kids don’t think so! Why should we? We all know that with the seasons, come various forms of weather. Thunder and lightning, wind, freezing temps and blistering heat. We all adapt accordingly. They make putting a little thought and effort into your travels sound like such a life-threatening disaster. It’s not. We all deal with it and survive just fine. With the exception of the idiots among us. Darwin takes care of those people.

Enjoy the white cover! It’ll mask some of the dog poop and baby diapers for a while at least!

Snow for Hoboken NJ Tuesday December 10 2013

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