Little Man Parking Garage – New!

New Little Man Parking Garage at 13th & Jefferson in Hoboken

Little Man Parking garages are already at several spots in Hoboken. A couple down on River Street, as well as a few uptown in the Applied buildings along the waterfront. And it appears they seized the opportunity to convert one of those empty warehouses in the NW section of town to their latest parking garage. Not sure if they’re taking monthly customers or if it’s just daily parking for visitors.

Paying for parking can suck, but it sure beats getting a boot or having your rims stolen!

Do you think this parking garage is worth it? Or is it too far from all the Hoboken action?

Little Man Parking Garage Hoboken NJ 13th Jefferson Street - Little Man Parking Garage - New!

Description: Little Man Parking Garage
Address: 1300 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
Phone: (201)217-1683

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