Lost your keys?


A Hoboken411 readers said that she found a giant set of keys near the scene of yesterdays fire at McSwiggan’s.

“On my way home last night about 3am I saw a big set of keys lying on the sidewalk. It appeared as if someone had dropped them in front of the neighboring building. I picked them up and hooked them onto the metal fencing so someone’s eye would see it if they were looking for it. Came out this morning at 11am and they were still there, so I took them. I’m not sure how to find the owner of the keys. It looks like keys to a building that maybe a super would have or a maintenance team.

Someone’s missing them and I’m sure wants them back. With all the chaos last night, they may be looking for them now.

I found them on the south sidewalk on Newark between Garden and Bloomfield at 3am. They look like they may belong to a building maintenance person since there are so many keys.”


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[quote comment=”60795″]One of those keys appears to be for a bike lock.[/quote]

[quote comment=”60798″]Elpico – those aren’t the actual keys.[/quote]

Ah, but those ARE someone’s keys. Perhaps Sergio lost them long ago, last summer, when Kelly became emotionally unavailable, leaving Sergio stranded on the porch… locked out of her heart.

(corny, yes. true -perhaps)


Elpico – those aren’t the actual keys.


One of those keys appears to be for a bike lock. That narrows the field.


I’d check w/firefighters from Hoboken & JC