Taco Truck Class Action Suit

Former employees file Taco Truck Class Action Suit in Hoboken

Taco Truck Class Action Lawsuit Hoboken NJ - Taco Truck Class Action SuitHudson County resident Jonathan Velazquez, and other employees of The Taco Truck filed a “Collective Action Complaint” against the popular Mexican eatery in Hoboken. The Taco Truck, which started as a single mobile food vendor, quickly expanded their “empire” to include three brick & mortar locations, an additional truck (in Boston, MA) and a “cart” that handles special events and private catering. The Taco Truck class action suit claims that Velazquez, and several other “non-exempt” drivers, cooks, cook preps and cashiers all suffered damages as a result of violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law.

In the suit, which goes after The Taco Truck Limited Liability Corporation, as well as individual owners Jason Scott and Chris Viola, accuses the company of overworking this group of employees without proper compensation. “Plaintiff VELAZQUEZ routinely works on average approximately seventy (70) to eighty (80) hours per workweek on behalf of Defendants, but was not fully compensated for all of his hours worked.”

The plaintiffs seek to recover “time and a half” for the overtime hours worked during their employment, and claim The Taco Truck “willfully violated” Fair Labor laws.

Do you think they have a valid point? Are some “small business” owners just greedy slave drivers, or were these just disgruntled ex-employees?

You can read court documents here. The Taco Truck recently filed a time extension for discovery.

The Taco Truck Class Action Suit Hoboken NJ Jonathan Velazquez - Taco Truck Class Action Suit

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Monday, December 9, 2013 10:22 am

I am not surprised they work seventy (70) to eighty (80) hours per workweek. Have you ever ordered a taco from there? It takes 20 minutes & the service sucks!!! Seriously, orders consistently take over 20 minutes for a taco. I’ve been to taco stands in Cali that make the shells from scratch “to-order” and takes only 5 minutes! Also, the people who take your orders are rude. One time, this girl told me to wait because she was sending a text message. I stopped going there! Jason & Chris should have fired everyone and start over.

Monday, December 9, 2013 8:46 am

I think their food is overpriced for what you get. Keep an eye on the prices depending on the outcome of this case.

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