Ricky’s NYC doomed

Ricky’s bites the dust in Hoboken thanks to rising rents!

Ricky’s salon supply store at 222 Washington Street is finished with Hoboken, closing on December 31, 2014. All sorts of clearance specials including buy one get one free in the entire store.

The reason again? Double rent after their short-term lease expired. Even a successful chain store like Ricky’s couldn’t survive. There is some speculation that they might open up a store in more business-friendly Jersey City. Also – other businesses after learning this are actually hoping for a full-fledged Gap (which would then be directly next to the Baby Gap), as it would supposedly bring in more shoppers to spend money elsewhere as well.

Nice knowing ya’ Ricky!

Rickys doomed Hoboken NJ double rent - Ricky's NYC doomed

Rickys NYC opens on Washington Street

2/9/2011 Update:

In case you cared – Ricky’s NYC opened up their cosmetic store at 222 Washington Street last week. See photo gallery below.

Oddly enough, they’re open less than a block away from a longtime Hoboken store which is practically identical: Makeovers (302 Washington) – which is owned by a local Mile Square resident, with a loyal customer base, and has been open for more than a decade.

Apparently Ricky’s has been know to target these neighborhoods on the outskirts of NYC – and have used similar tactics to try and steal customers from established local businesses.

I spot-checked some of the prices at these two stores – and Makeovers was a dollar or two less expensive (and that wasn’t including the 15% discount all customers get when they spend $25 or more, either.) I guess Ricky’s brought their NYC prices to Hoboken as well.

One issue that needs to be addressed – is who at City Hall allows such ridiculous things to happen? Shouldn’t Ricky’s have been on the opposite end of town or something? Same thing happened when they allowed Walgreens to ruin a fantastic historic bank building just a block from CVS. Moronic.

Rickys coming back to Hoboken for good

7/1/2010 Update:

From the Hoboken411 anonymous tipline – Ricky’s NYC is coming back to Hoboken!

They’ve split up the space at 222 Washington Street in half – and Ricky’s will be taking one side over for good. Both the “hip, edgy” cosmetics and beauty store – as well as the Halloween Superstore section like they had last year.

Will probably be open in the next two to three months – certainly in time for Halloween 2010!

Rickys Halloween coming back to Hoboken NJ for good - Ricky's NYC doomed

9/30/2009 Update:

With a month left before Halloween 2009 – Hoboken’s largest costume store ever opened up recently!

Ricky’s set to spook the Mile Square

Ricky’s Halloween Costume Superstore opened up a pop-up store at the old Washington Mutual bank branch at 222 Washington St.

Take a look at the photo gallery below. They sure crammed a lot of stuff into this space. Personally, I found most of the costumes to be “cheap,” but some premium, more costly costumes could be found. They’ll be gone shortly after the holiday – and a for lease sign will take it’s place once again.

9/9/2009 Update!:

Hot Costumes easily accessible by Hoboken Residents

Following up with this original post from nearly 20 MONTHS ago – it’s now confirmed that Ricky’s Halloween Costume Superstore is indeed coming to Hoboken!

Opening date unknown at the moment – but be rest assured that you will have time to get your hot costume before Halloween!

rickys halloween hoboken nj - Ricky's NYC doomed


This may not appeal to the male demographic out there, but there’s a chance that popular makeup store Ricky’s NYC may come to this side of the river (possibly Jersey City, Hoboken, etc.)

According to Women’s Wear Daily, they’re “growing up” and looking to expand their 20 locations further outside their core cities in New York and South Beach, Miami.

What location in Hoboken would fit them perfectly, and does anyone have a space for them?

Ricky’s NYC seeks to expand

rickys nyc coming to hoboken - Ricky's NYC doomedRicky’s NYC is seeking high-profile, high-trafficked retail locations throughout NYC and South Beach for both long-term and short-term leases. If you have a high-visibility vacant space that meets our site criteria below, contact us!

Ricky’s NYC currently operates 20 retail stores throughout NYC and Miami with a focus on professional hair products &accessories, face & body products, novelties & apparel. We are consistently written up in national beauty & fashion magazines for the quality and breadth of our merchandise. We are expanding and looking for prospective sites.

New York City (all areas within a 25-mile radius)
South Beach, Miami

Location & Premises
Ground floor space
High visibility and convenient access is important
Quality upscale retail, residential or office co-tenants

Population – 100,000 people within 10-minute travel time
Income – Average household income of $100,000

2,000 – 3,000 sq. ft.

Email Controller Davinder Somal at dsomal@rickys-nyc.com or call 212-661-3661 if you have a spot that might be a perfect fit.

Oh, don’t forget to include me on the commission check!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 6:53 pm

Walgreens did not ruin the bank – have you been in there? It’s gorgeous!
It’s not like CVS is a mom & pop shop – not sure what the lovefest is with them?
They’re overpriced – I prefer Walgreens =o)

Reply to  happyfurball
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 9:02 pm

I too agree that Walgreens did a nice job preserving a lot of the details of the former bank. It’s the most lavish Walgreens I’ve ever been in. Sure it would have been nice for the building to be reused for a difference purpose, but at least the general atmosphere of the building is still there.

Speaking of former banks… I also like how American Apparel turned the bank vault into a dressing room. [quote comment=”203255″]Walgreens did not ruin the bank – have you been in there? It’s gorgeous!
It’s not like CVS is a mom & pop shop – not sure what the lovefest is with them?
They’re overpriced – I prefer Walgreens =o)[/quote]

Reply to  hoboken411
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 5:26 pm

I think the market may have decided for Nutrition Zone. I remember thinking when they opened there that they were so close to Basic Food that sells a lot of the same stuff. I think for certain retail, it works. If there was only one dress shop in Hoboken then maybe no one would think about coming to Hoboken to shop for a dress. But, open a lot of dress stores and people think, Hey – Hoboken is a good place to shop for a dress. Sort of like 8th Street in the city for shoes.[quote comment=”203230″]I do agree with many of the points everyone has made about the capitalist market, and so on. “Let the market decide” is a theme I’m all for.However, I’m just a bit concerned for the small businesses. I’d hate to see nothing but national chain stores ruining the character of our city just because they have the money or the buying power. Sure it’s better for the consumer economically – but it goes beyond pure finance in my opinion.But then again, all this stuff is cyclical, so we’ll see how it pans out.[/quote]

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 1:14 pm

I did a walk through because I dig the Ricky’s in Manhattan — mostly the goofy stuff….and there’s none of that in this store. So I checked out the prices on things I’d buy: face cream, shampoo, etc. — and the prices were jacked higher than Makeovers, CVS or Walgreen’s. So why would I shop here when the competition offers almost identical selection and prices? This is going to be an uphill battle.

Speaking of Walgreen’s — wow, is that location tiny! They don’t have much to offer. I’m sticking with CVS.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 10:16 am

After walking through Walgreens and finding out that they carry almost nothing except for tampons and soda, I don’t see that “historic” building staying Walgreens for very long. Unless they are offering super discounts of prescriptions, that was a waste of money retrofitting that building for retail.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 9:55 am

Homeworld is absolutely right. We are still a capitalistic, free enterprise economy. Government should have no authority to dictate who a building owner may sell/lease property to, provided it does not negatively impact the common good, ie, alcohol, guns, porn, etc. If Ricky wanted to open 6 adjacent stores, that’s his prerogative, though a completely foolish move. Of course, it would be nice for residents to have some businesses to be more widely distributed around town, but the bulk of foot traffic for retail is downtown. I imagine if Ricky felt a shop would be more successful uptown, that’s where it would have been. Take a drive pretty much anywhere in the burbs throughout this country, drive past a Home Depot or Lowes, in less than a mile, you’ll likely find the other. Go to Union City, they share the same entrance/parking. I still don’t know why that’s a successful business model, but apparently it’s working!

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