Vintage Shopping Extravaganza

Hoboken Vintage Shopping Extravaganza – December 7th

The owner of Vagabondia Vintage & Handmade (who had a pop-up shop in Hoboken last season), is teaming up with Mackey Blue this coming Saturday, December 7th for a special vintage shopping holiday extravaganza!

It’s an all-day event, with special sales, refreshments and raffles for free prizes. Definitely a unique event in Hoboken which will focus on all things vintage, antique, and handmade.

Additionally – it will be yet another opportunity to support local businesses in town. And wouldn’t you want to be the one known for giving the best “one of a kind” gift this year?

Takes place on 12th Street between Washington Streets and Bloomfield Streets. See the event page here. Have fun rummaging!

Vintage Shopping Extravaganza Vagabondia Mackey Blue Hoboken NJ

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