Eating out in Hoboken – How often?

Do you enjoy eating out in Hoboken? Or is it a luxury?

Eating out in Hoboken POLL - Eating out in Hoboken - How often?Now with the holidays in full swing, many people might be cutting back on their own personal luxuries – like eating out in Hoboken. Especially if you don’t pick a BYOB restaurant, dinner tabs can often exceed $100 per couple each time.

And depending on how frequently you indulge, it can add up to a hefty cost each month.

Some individuals might still enjoy the food, but rather order “takeout” instead, to save on tips and liquor costs.

Discretionary funds are also being directed elsewhere now, for gift-giving, vacations, or even holiday gatherings.

So does that affect how often you eat out?

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Eating out in Hoboken NJ - Eating out in Hoboken - How often?

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