Hoboken Commuter Chaos if Amtrak Strikes

1/18/2008 Bonus Post:

As I assumed, the stupid strike was averted, and there was no need for alarm. No fear mongering for suckers here.


Probably way too early to start worrying about this, but if Amtrak workers choose to strike (as early as January 30th,) then Hoboken commuters would have a giant mess on their hands. Hoboken411 sets the opening line at 1,000 to 1 that this will actually happen, despite the LIRR Chairman Gerry Bringmann saying a strike “is likely.”

Union leaders and Amtrak officials are at odds over retroactive wage hikes (1/3rd pay raise) and work rule reform. And if their differences cannot be settled, the eight unions representing Amtrak maintenance workers and dispatchers may walk a picket line for the first time in the railroad’s history.

George W. Bush has put an emergency board in place to help negotiate an agreement, because if not settled, could mean big trouble for Hoboken. Because Amtrak owns the Penn Station tracks, it would force NJ Transit trains to head into the Hoboken Terminal, overloading the PATH and Ferry. See CBS2 link for more.

Big fluff, or should you be concerned? Either way, I’m betting downtown bars and restaurants are praying for a strike, as that would mean more business for them!


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darn! that would’ve been entertaining and a great excuse to show up late to work for some time. c’mon you union workers, stand up for what you deserve…mo money mo money mo money!!


I think one of my resolutions is going to be to stop worrying about everything such as an Amtrak strike and try to roll with the punches. Buying a place made it worse. It’s just keeping me awake and leading me to an early grave.

we’ll see how long this lasts.