Santa Fun Run – December 7th

Santa Fun Run in Hoboken on December 7th – to end world hunger

Interested in a “Santa Fun Run” for charity? Then mark your calendars for December 7, 2013 – and read on more below.

Editor’s Note (and food for thought): Why is it that (other than the NY Marathon) there are absolutely ZERO “runs” just for the sake of being “runs?” Every single run is for charity or has some kind of holiday connection (Santa, Halloween, etc.) Is it because they wouldn’t be able to get permits for just a “run for the sake of running?” Does being a charity-based function enable the runs to happen? Or are there any other circumstances these types of events pan out the way they do? Just seems incredibly unusual to me.

Santa Fun Run Hoboken NJ December 7 2013 Pier A Park

Santa Fun Run takes place at Pier A Park in Hoboken, NJ

Feel Good is a “non-profit” national organization that partners with the Hunger Project aiming to end world hunger by 2030. Donations help make community centers, irrigation systems, and educational programs that provide women and men the knowledge and facilities to be self-sufficient in third world countries.

Stevens Institute’s local Feel Good chapter is organizing a Santa Fun Run at 9:30am on Saturday, December 7th that we hope will be our biggest fundraiser of the year. People of all ages are welcome to come and all are encouraged to dress up as Santa or another holiday-themed outfit. The race will start and end at Pier A. There will be prizes for top finishers, food, music, and pictures with Santa!

To get more info and to register go here:

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Monday, December 2, 2013 12:43 pm

Is there something wrong with runs for charity? Most people would consider that a good thing. Runs for the sake of running happen when you go out and just run. The NYC Marathon reserves a TON of spots for charity runners, so that too is for charity (plus it is FAR from being a “run” just for the sake of being a “run” anyway). I don’t understand your spin sometimes. Everyone need something to complain about I suppose.

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