$10 a day challenge: 5 of 31


Still eating on the cheap!

I’ve received several emails from people telling me I’m going about this all wrong. I just wanted to remind everyone that there are many ways to eat economically depending on your situation, and how much free time you have. Hopefully one day my organizational and time-management skills will improve, but until then…

A piece of fruit, a 500 calorie high-fiber lunch, and a charity hamburger allowed me to eat like a King yesterday.

What is the tab up to now? Find out after the jump.

hudson tavern burger hoboken - $10 a day challenge: 5 of 31


I won’t bore you with too many details today.

At Home:
Had a banana late yesterday morning.. I love bananas! Cost: $0.19

NINE 18oz. cups of my Toddy Coffee (bad!) Cost: $2.07

Made a pretty healthy under 500 calorie lunch that filled me up. Two chicken strips on two high-fiber english muffins (dry), and the rest of my Tabbouli salad. Nutrition Facts: Cal-490; Fat-13.5g; Sod.-810mg; Carbs-77g; Fiber-18g; Protein 27g. Total cost: $2.87

10 more grape tomatoes: Cost $0.23

Bonus Dinner:
A friend invited me out for a burger at Hudson Tavern. I politely declined, citing my $10/day challenge. Guess what? They said they’d pay! Well, of course I’ll pay you February for a hamburger today!

Delicious burger, A+ chicken wings, and a lavish banana-bread pudding. Good job, Hudson Tavern (see review next week!)

hudson tavern hoboken chicken wings - $10 a day challenge: 5 of 31

Day #5 Total:
Food: $3.29
Beverage: $2.07
Total Spent: $5.36

Monthly Total: $22.66
Budget Left: $287.34

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Saturday, February 9, 2008 2:24 pm

what happened to these stories.. hoboken411 you stopped talking about it.. it was really interesting.. i wanted to see if you made it

Monday, January 7, 2008 6:40 pm

[quote comment=”60693″]Tuna $0.25 a can? Where do you grocery shop, I want to switch to that store![/quote]


64 cents is the cheapest I could find online

Monday, January 7, 2008 6:35 pm

[quote comment=”60673″]You might have a point. Conversely, this could serve as a pointer for those looking to save as well.. tell your friends you’re on a “$10/day challenge”?

Food for thought. ;)[/quote]

If only I had a popular Hoboken blog

Monday, January 7, 2008 6:29 pm

franz and hanz have grown tired of your futile resistance. tuna can be bought 4 for $1.

perhaps, girly men do not know how to buy such tuna 4 for $1. but hanz and franz will pump you up – no matter.

if you’re not a girly man, click on this link and see for yourself the discussion of buying tuna on a budget (click on 5th post down):
[QUOTE]Before I started working out and watching what I was eating I saw flavorite chunk light tuna for 25 cents a can, limit 96 cans. I would have went in there 4 times and bought 96 cans each time if I would have known how I was going to eat it.[/QUOTE]

British Hairways
British Hairways
Monday, January 7, 2008 4:57 pm

Yeah, 4/$1 tuna does not exist. Maybe 4 dented cans of cat food goes for $1, but not tuna. The cheapest store brand tuna I see is like $1.09-$1.19, maybe $0.20 off that if on sale.

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