Hoboken Tuxacatessen

Hoboken Tux Shop used to be a Delicatessen!

Spotted this cool impromptu “history lesson” at 4th & Bloomfield the other day. The former Tux Shop(which abandoned Hoboken due to changing demographics and draconian not-friendly-to-small-business parking nonsense) used to be a Delicatessen based on what was underneath the old sign. God knows how long ago that was. 40 years?

Imagine a deli where every employee wears tuxedos? The “Hoboken Tuxacatessen.” Wouldn’t last too long in my opinion.

Up next at this spot is supposed to be a “blow bar” (sort of like the “Blowout Zone” coming to 8th & Jefferson). What ever happened to the ability to groom yourself?

Hoboken Tuxacatessen

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Müllers, great potato salad.