Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Infographic

While I tend to rarely believe “statistics” that come out of ANY agency or reporting bureau (either because they’re flat out manipulative or grossly inaccurate), here’s an infographic about Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday sales – comparing brick & mortar businesses versus online outfits – courtesy of Kapitall.

Do I agree that more people are shopping online? Yes. Is it cheaper, easier and more flexible in most cases to shop online? Yes, for many items. But there comes a time where shopping locally makes sense. Like when you want to have a real relationship with a human being, developing an understanding. To try clothes on, to get style tips from a clothing store. And to keep Washington Street bustling and lively.

In general though, I do think that many people have cut back on the non-essential items and are paying cash more often, but at the same time consumer debt may be also going up because of easy credit and the “desire” to have things you don’t truly have any real need for.

Infographic: Thanksgiving Investing Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - An Infographic from Kapitall Wire

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