Yeah, they call it Black Friday

Who is over the Black Friday hype?

Most folks who are “awake,” don’t need an explanation of how ridiculous hyped-up retail frenzies like Black Friday (and now Gray Thursday) are. And frankly, while it doesn’t bother me at all, as long as no one infringes on my space and liberties – it does deserve some comment.

I try to understand what fuels the portion of the population who camp out or wait on line for these meager sales. Are they really strapped for cash, and the discounts are appealing enough? Have they been brainwashed into buying things they truly don’t need? I mean much of these “doorbusting” deals are for electronics that will be obsolete in just a few years. Or toys that will break in just a few weeks. But in the end, I feel it boils down to the commercialism, propaganda and marketing which has complete control over the psyche of a large chunk of the world – and those who are aware just witness the disgusting result – a major flaw in the human species.

Anyway – did you see that article in the Daily Mail over in the UK? They mock Americans. And judging by the photos – it is very pathetic to see these people scrambling to buy junk (probably most of it made in China anyway). Sad thing is – that when these people wake up, it’ll be much much too late for them anyway.

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