Hoboken Week in Review – 1/6/2008


Welcome to the all the new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review, hope everyone has a prosperous 2008.

Continuing the new “most commented” format, see the Top 10 bumped or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action.

hoboken411 week in review top 10 - Hoboken Week in Review - 1/6/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. The new year starts off with a bang dud
    The lack of action when the clock struck midnight became a spirited debate about fireworks.
  2. Six of one 1/2 dozen of another
    A reader is upset about the discrepancy in cost for parking for those who don’t own cars.
  3. 16-0
    The Giants come up short in their bid to serve The Patriots their first loss.
  4. Want seaweed with that?
    The Tokugawa Sushi post gets pulled to the front page.
  5. Rare trouble on the PATH
    A few track fires on the coldest day of the winter stall thousands of commuters.
  6. Taxi ride + booze = not a good night
    A reader tries to act responsible, the problem is their cab driver didn’t.
  7. Eating on the cheap
    The Hoboken411 $10/day challenge is turning out easier than imagined.
  8. Beer drinking is now apparently a sport
    A harmless promo to an event I could care less about sparks some hatred.
  9. Artie Lange
    Is on the list of performers at Tutta Pasta this Thursday. 4 out of 5 people could care less.
  10. Failed Trickery
    A sly parker tries to trick cops. A resident busts him. Half the readers say “ha ha!” and the other half say “mind your own stinkin’…”

Coming this week

  • See above list (beer pong & Artie)

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