Thanksgiving Weather “worries” in Hoboken

Are you worried about Thanksgiving weather {hype} in Hoboken?

I’m sure most of you have at the very least stumbled upon a “big bad scary” Thanksgiving weather forecast. Wind. Rain. Stormy. Travel. What now? OMG! This has never happened before!

Yeah, we’re getting a typical rain storm (2-3 inches over a day and a half) – and some interior areas are getting a bit of snow. And yes, there will be more than your usual amount of traffic due to the holiday.

What does that mean? Plan ahead and use common sense. It’s by no means even close to the end of the world.

Thanksgiving Weather in Hoboken

Instead the MSM treats it as some sort of “one of a kind” catastrophic disaster that will wreck lives and shatter holiday happiness. Oh my dear God – what are we going to do?

Well – weather like this happens every year to some degree or another. “Oh no, a branch broke! What horror!” What happened to everyone?

Windy Hoboken Thanksgiving Weather nothing new

North Hudson Sewerage Authority clears out sewers

The NHSA was all over town today, doing routine maintenance on the sewer grates at various spots known for getting backed up and contributing to the puddles around town (that will be here forever – pumps or no pumps).

That’s good.

Anyway, if there was anything you’d probably want to pay attention to (in Hoboken at least), is the amount of rain taking place at or before high tides – which take place at around 3am tomorrow morning and 3pm tomorrow afternoon. See the Hudson River Tides here.

Have fun with the normal seasonal rain, folks!

North Hudson Sewerage Authority cleans sewer grates in Hoboken NJ

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On my way to work this morning I saw that there was a mudslide on Paterson Plank blocking the incoming lane, just a little ways above the Cliffs. Lots of water was gushing down the hillside. Looked like a real mess in the making.