$10 a day challenge: 4 of 31


I just want to clarify why this article series is being run on Hoboken411:

For starters, this is part of the 2008 New Year’s Resolutions, and I would hope that many readers can relate. Having personal challenges is not limited to a niche or a geographical area. It’s a basic topic that can apply to any person or location. Call it “general interest” if you must.

In doing this $10/day challenge, I hope to accomplish several things:

  • While I’m not necessarily suffering financial distress, what would happen if I was? How can you maintain some level of satisfaction, and still get by with limited funds?
  • To find out the different ways people can eat economically in and around Hoboken. See? There is a Hoboken connection to this after all.
  • For readers to share tips, tricks, recipes and other information amongst each other. Some folks may have to tighten their belt from time to time.
  • To see what kind of benefits one can receive by clamping down and live with less. Can you parlay the savings into something bigger and better?

So with that being said, see how I got by yesterday eating healthier on the cheap. Also, an interesting way to make the most delicious coffee, without gas or electricity!

All that after the jump.

hoboken toddy cold brew coffee - $10 a day challenge: 4 of 31


I stayed in last night to aid in getting past the “first week hump” of any resolution or lifestyle change. 100 more days to go w/o alcohol!

See let’s tabulate the food and drink encounters of the fourth day:

Meal #1 (actually snack #1):
Day started out great.. feeling a bit more refreshed than usual. Went with a friend to make one of my regular Trader Joe’s / Target runs. After a long shopping trips, I decided to eat one of the “Fiber bars” I bought at Target (on sale $2.00/5). I know, it’s almost like eating a candy bar, followed by a shot of Metamucil. Whatver, it tided me over. Cost: $0.40

hoboken fiber one bars - $10 a day challenge: 4 of 31

Actual Meal #1:
I made a heart-attack proof late lunch, consisting of items purchased at both TJ’s and Target. A chicken-lime burger, a light (fiber-enriched) English muffin, and 1/2 a container of Tabbouli salad. Delicious, refreshing and healthy. Total cost for lunch? $2.60

Total Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 360
Fat: 11g
Sodium: 660g
Carbs: 44g
Fiber: 11g
Protein: 24g

hoboken hoboken411 10 dollar a day challenge day 4 - $10 a day challenge: 4 of 31

How about beverages and caffeine?

Even though I have a stack of 99-cent Dunkin Donuts coupons, what about making the same coffee much cheaper than that??

My brother’s girlfriend got me a Toddy Cold Brew coffee system a few Christmases ago (see picture above), and I’m telling you it’s awesome! The premise is simple. Pour the entire pound of ground coffee in the brewing container, let it sit for anywhere from 12-36 hours (longer is stronger, with more caffeine), drain it in the decanter, and presto! You have a vat of concentrated, low-acid coffee to make to your liking. Just add a ratio of water (usually 1 part coffee to 3 or 4 parts water) and milk, sugar, etc. Can be heated in the microwave or put on ice. I like it room temp or over ice.

People have asked, “Is making an entire pound of coffee at once a waste?” Actually it’s not. Because it’s concentrated, and in a re-seal able jar, you make only what you want to drink. Unlike hot coffee, that some portion of the brew gets tossed each time.

With my D&D coupon, I bought two pounds of Hazelnut grounds for $8.99. I’ve estimated each vat of coffee makes about (25) 18oz. cups of joe. Assuming a quart of milk provides the same servings, each cup of coffee comes out to $0.23 each. I had four cups yesterday, bringing my total cost to $0.92 for the days caffeine.

Pick a Toddy Cold Brew System up at Amazon.com today (cheaper than the company website, and you can support 411!)

Healthy snacks!

Very simple. I had a banana, and 10 grape tomatoes. Total cost: $0.42

hoboken hoboken411 10 dollar a day challenge day 4 healthy snacks - $10 a day challenge: 4 of 31

Day #4 Total:
Food: $3.42
Beverage: $0.92
Total Spent: $4.36

Monthly Total: $17.30
Budget Left: $292.70

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Sunday, January 6, 2008 11:50 am

how bout a bagel run? inexpensive yet delicious

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