Gov. Corzine signs bills


You can go ahead and file this under “who cares,” but I have about 15 minutes of idle time, so here it goes anyway:

Hoboken’s own Jon Corzine has been a busy beaver lately. On top of the “big deal” report that he’s moving from his apartment at the Hudson Tea Building over to Maxwell Place eventually, he also did some governmental work yesterday by signing two new bills in New Jersey.

Death Toys

One bill prohibits the sale of one specific children’s toy called “Yo-Yo Waterballs.” Apparently this one exact toy has been blamed for hurting hundreds of kids across the world. It’s a fun squishy toy with a elastic cord on it that you can bang and bounce around sort of like a real yo-yo. Except that this particular toy is filled with toxic fluid, can burst into flames and kids somehow “can get strangled” from the string (yeah, because that’d never happen with a regular yo-yo.)

I bet $100 bucks that ROCKS cause more injury to kids worldwide than the Yo-Yo Waterball. Why aren’t ROCKS banned? Grrr.

The bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman David Mayer said they’re a “commercialized death threat to children, inherently dangerous, and deserve to be banned.” (should the same be said about some Hoboken411 posters?)

The bill goes into effect in three months, so I’d suggest you stock up on these toys now, because damnit, they’re fun, and the government doesn’t want you to have fun! Bastards! What ever happened to teaching kids what is and isn’t dangerous? If we remove all risks for kids, well, they turn out essentially useless and scared. Sigh.

Imposter = bigger fines

The other bill signed yesterday makes a bit more sense… Apparently forging employee badges for public utility companies is a bad thing, and it now faces a much stiffer penalty if you’re caught. This bill applies to power plants, water supply stations, and general water and power infrastructure (Hey what about people who impersonate Cable companies, UPS & FedEx drivers too? Don’t they do bad things like rape, steal and pillage?)

This bill looks like it’s aimed more at homeland security and potential terrorist threats. “It’s tantamount to a security breach to not have strong penalties in place to punish individuals who pirate utility identification credentials,” said Assemblyman John Wisniewski.


I suppose people who are enamored living close to celebrities or public figures at HTB, will be upset Corzine is leaving. Oh well.

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Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
Thanks for that thirty seconds of solid, from the belly, laughter! I loved your post!


[quote comment=”60439″][quote]It’s where the rejects of the anonymous internet world go to play.[/quote]

In fairness I think a number of those same people are over here and hide behind anonymity to snipe at people.

I’ve seen people claim knowledge that usually only people who have worked on a campaign would have and evade giving an honest answer on how they came about their info.

I think anonymity has it’s value in helping to foment discussion but when it’s used as a shield to attack people or hide the source of info in some vain attempt to appear impartial it hampers things.

These types of thing don’t really bother me. I’m so stupidly squeaky clean that there isn’t much dirt to get on me. I think the people who have met me over the year would be amused at this sort of thing though and as most of them have migrated here,, I thought I post about it.

P.S. If anyone knows where my parents have hidden their millions I’ll give you a cut if you help me find it :)[/quote]
That message board over there can be a disaster at times. There seems to be some people who have full time jobs just posting childish garbage on it.


I think the long standing tradition of crappy NJ governors has been kept alive with Mr. Corzine.


[quote comment=”60436″][quote comment=”60432″]I think I pissed someone off [/quote]

That is exactly the problem with going on that horrific message board. They have extreme problems with people signing up with multiple (dozens if not more) screen names, and it’s a total mud-slinging forum with little merit. It’s barely moderated, and almost pointless to participate in.

It’s where the rejects of the anonymous internet world go to play.

So why are you even there, FAP? Wanting to respond to ludicrous statements on a hardly-read board is something that needs to be controlled. Even I have said a thing or two on there in the past. Now I choose not to read, like I choose not to read many other zero-traction sites.

Just my $0.02[/quote]
Reading their garbed posts on gives me a headache.

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