Hoboken Beer Pong Tournament


Beer pong tournament 1pm this Sunday at Lounge 11.

Since I’m not drinking, I probably shouldn’t attend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Even if you don’t play you can pound your booze as a spectator during their 2-hour open bar. $20 online, or $25 at the door. To register your team, it’s $50 (two players per team.)

If it’s not sold out yet, you can register here, or just go to Hobokenflipcup.com for more info. They also have a Flip Cup tourney scheduled for February 9th, 2008.


If you’re still alive after the January event, be sure to sign up for the next one!


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[quote comment=”60328″]Ugh. Promoting this “event” is beneath you 411.[/quote]

Uh, have you seen some of the things he’s eaten? If Bear Grylls didn’t already host ‘Man vs Wild’, I’d think that the Discovery Channel would run ‘Perry vs La Taqueria’ and multiple seasons of how to survive in the social jungle that Hoboken is.


[quote comment=”60328″]Ugh. Promoting this “event” is beneath you 411.

This is something better left to the “other” Hoboken websites.

Also, I don’t trust the line that “funds from this event will go to the winning team’s charity of choice.” If it is not sanctioned by a specific charity there is no guarantee the money is going to a good cause.

This event couldn’t be lamer. It’s beyond stupid.[/quote]

What a dumb prick you are! Beneath him?? You fing geek!! So what he wants to promote something that is perhaps juvenile and somewhat stupid to us ‘older’ people. Good for him!! Maybe get some fresh blood on this site and interesting.

This website is not intended to cater to just your lame and political needs you dick!! Quite frankly, I rather hear some funny stories than some 100000th rant on Open Space.


[quote comment=”60372″][quote comment=”60369″]Every purchase comes with a warning.[/quote]

‘May result in banging of fat chicks’?[/quote]

Why would that be a warning? Sounds more like some encouragement!


Can’t people just play drink the beer?

Quagmire: Hey Peter, you want to play “drink the beer”?
Peter: Sure. (takes drink of beer)
Quagmire: You win!
Peter: What do I win?
Quagmire: Another beer!
Peter: Oh man, I’m going for the high score!

ricky roma
ricky roma

[quote comment=”60363″][quote comment=”60350″]i just feel sad for kids today that they will never get a true beer pong experience. pong is played with paddles and is a game of men. this sissy game of beirut where you throw the ball is no better than darts. it is literally what the girls in my college would play while the men played beer pong. i don’t mind they play a stupid game – i just wish they would call it something else.[/quote]

excuse me but don’t be knocking on darts![/quote]

no offense man – looking back i see i worded that poorly. darts is tough – i suck at it. i meant it as they kind of just throw the ball and hope for the best…the whole game just always seemed stupid to me.