Are more people becoming “Analog?”

Friday Tunes: Joe Walsh – Analog Man

Joe Walsh Analog Man a great album - Are more people becoming "Analog?"If any of you appreciate real classic rock music (and have SirusXM radio), you might find that channel 27 “Deep Tracks” one of your favorite ones to listen to.

Deep Tracks plays songs from all your favorite artists that never really got any airtime over the radio. However, for true fans of a particular artist, you’d recognize many of the songs they play – which is very cool. A channel for true lovers of music, and not just the cherry-picked “hits” that met commercial success.

That said, I stumbled across the song “Analog Man” from Joe Walsh, off his similar titled album that was released last year. It’s a fantastic album front to back, and well worth adding to your collection. He’s still rocking at 65 years old! And while I’m not a big listener of lyrics, these kind of stuck out:

“the whole world’s living in a digital dream – it’s not really there – it’s all on the screen – makes me forget who I am – I’m an analog man…”

“yeah I’m an analog man in a digital world – I’m gonna get me an analog girl – who loves me for what I am – I’m an analog man…”

“turn on the tube, watch until dawn – one hundred channels, nothing is on – endless commercials, endless commercials, endless commercials…”

“the whole world’s glued to the cable TV – it looks so real on the big LCD – murder and violence are rated PG, too bad for the children – they are what they see…”

Even for a technological person his whole life – there is a “tipping point” where all the “advances” start becoming counter-productive. I understand what is happening, and it makes me even more glad I stopped watching television a long while ago.


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