Prime Time Convenience – 14th Street

Another “Prime Time Convenience” store headed to Hoboken on 14th St.

Prime Time convenience store coming to 14th Street in Hoboken NJ - Prime Time Convenience - 14th StreetHere’s some interesting news. Word on the street is that the owners of the “Prime Time” convenience stores in Hoboken are apparently taking both vacant spaces on 14th Street between Washington & Bloomfield Streets. I think this would be their sixth Hoboken location.

Formerly home to Uptown Bagels (R.I.P. John) and Uptown Liquor – this spot is directly across the street of neighborhood favorite Nick’s Candy.

The owners of Nick’s were naturally concerned that a direct competitor was moving across the street – but don’t think they’ll be “knocked out” of business. Nick’s has a very loyal following that likely will not support the new store. Additionally, the “Prime” stores are typically known for their higher prices. If this new spot is 24 hours, that should attract the late night drunks (which is why many of their locations have locked doors and buzzers late at night).

Nick’s said that they plan on refreshing and expanding their store a bit in anticipation of the new Prime location, including a deli counter and improved store layout.

No word exactly when the new Prime store will be opening.

Prime Time Convenience Store 14th Street Hoboken NJ - Prime Time Convenience - 14th Street

Description: Convenience Store
Address: 112 14th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

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