$10 a day challenge: 3 of 31


I had a pretty busy day yesterday (after waking up late) and wasn’t really obsessed with eating, so I did well.

Thank god I saved those Dunkin’ Donuts coupons.. because I’m still getting my caffeine fix at a reduced cost! Also sampled one of their sandwiches (?)

How much did yesterday’s food and drink cost? Find out after the jump.




Meal #1:
Got a late start (I’m blaming detox from booze – my body is “repairing” itself), and didn’t take poor Oscar out till after 2pm! (13 hours well-behaved and patient)

I ruffled through my paperwork and grabbed two Dunkin Donuts coupons. One for 99-cent “any beverage,” and another for 99-cent “any sandwich or pizza.”

Ordered a XL Hazelnut coffee (skim, sweet & lo,) and tried their Turkey, Cheddar and Bacon flatbread sandwich. The product looked exactly as advertised (which is amazing, especially after the nauseating Quizno’s disaster from November 2006 – Check it out, it’s gross!) The taste wasn’t award winning, but hit the spot, and was super-cheap. Total cost for both: $2.12.

Oh, what do you call the meal in-between lunch and dinner? Linner? Dunch? Lupper?

Meal #2 (if you can even call this a meal):
Got caught up the rest of the day, and only had time for another two Trader Joe’s hard-boiled eggs. Cost: $0.66

Horrible Snack:
As the midnight hour rolled around, didn’t want to eat anything heavy, so I made some stove-cooked popcorn (kernels from local bodega.) This was a giant mistake, because I believe I put too much oil in the pot, and ended up feeling horribly bloated. Never use vegetable oil when popping corn. Corn oil tastes better. Total cost: feeling uncomfortable and out $0.67

That’s it!

Day #3 Total:
Food: $2.39
Beverage: $1.06
Total Spent: $3.45

Monthly Total: $12.94
Budget Left: $297.06

I didn’t have time to pick up my veggies, so that’ll have to wait another day.

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[quote comment=”60448″]I’m telling you.. if you knew what I ate previously.. this has nothing to do with improper nourishment!

My body is really detoxing/repairing from the months of continuous punishment it’s been trough.. Sleep is the one of the best ways to achieve that![/quote]

in personal experience if I over sleep it makes me feel worse. Diet for sure effects your energy level. Eating the way you were before and the way you are now is sure to catch up. I am glad you are trying to get a bit healthier. no alcohol, better food, now give up those cancer sticks! 😆


maybe you can’t wake up in the morning because you are not properly nourished. i don’t think I like this challenge and will probably run you over a home cooked meal tomorrow if you keep this up.