Political Window Blind Repair!

How Zimmer Won in Hoboken – Window Blind Repair!

Sheer brilliance. We finally figured out how the Zimmer team won the 2013 Hoboken General Election. It wasn’t political strong points, a top-notch record, or an effective ad campaign (“we kept everyone safe during Sandy” actually lost them votes).

Someone in their camp secretly organized a sneak-maneuver that no one was able to catch: Using political signs not as a message of “support,” but rather to help those unfortunate enough to have busted window blinds! We can imagine they listed a sleuth advertisement somewhere “free window blind repair” for those who can’t keep their shoddy houses in order, and campaign workers just went over to each persons home and “repaired” the windows with the Zimmer posters. Boom! Fix the holes in the windows, and you have an automatic vote!

Hats off to the unorthodox way to sway residents to unknowingly vote for you! One for the lesson books for sure.

Window Blind Repair is how Zimmer won election in Hoboken NJ

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