Another vehicle hits the Light Rail


I just don’t get this. Why are people such a hurry that they can’t wait for the puny Light Rail train to go by? It’s not like one of those 300-car freight trains that haul crap across country…

One dimwit was just reported to have struck a Light Rail car as it was heading towards the 2nd Street Station. Apparently his car didn’t do anything to the train, as NJ Transit called it in as it was arriving at the station.

I was hoping they’d have massive damage to their vehicle, but as police arrived, they said it was a “Yellow Cab,” and appeared to have left the scene. No traffic condition was created, and the officer suspects the cab went towards Jersey City.

Boy, cabs are getting some bad press lately!


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Here is the Latest Federal report compiled in December of 2006.

New Jersey Transit Rail reported accidents fatal and nonfatal per year.

Fatal 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
32 16 8 17 9

Non-fatal 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
219 208 226 189 201

New Jersey Transit Rail accidents At Public Crossing
year – 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
accidents- 13 16 9 15 7

Seems to me this one rail crossing is way ahead of the curve if I am reading this data correctly.

There have been at least a half dozen accidents in one year at this public rail crossing. This is ripe for a nice lawsuit. NJ-Transit needs to get their act together and install crossing gates, and more signs and signals.


There was this incident down in Monmouth County a year or two ago when a woman and her 7 year old stopped in in a line of traffic backed up a red light. It never occurred to her that she was stopped on a RR crossing. But the unfortunate reality DID dawn on her when the gates started blinking, dinging, and coming down around her.

Did she try to maneuver around the gates? (It was possible – i’ve seen the crossing) Did she try to bust through the gates? Nope.

Instead she grabbed her kid and fled – leaving her SUV in the path of a NJT commuter train. The train won. And “Lucy” had “some splanin to do.”


I knew I had heard somewhere, so I did a little quick research. It’s not current info, but according to a 1999 US Federal Railroad Administration report, train-vehicle collisions in th US occur every 90min.


Then there’s this idiot in Westchester who turned onto train tracks directly toward an oncoming MetroNorth train because his GPS told him to…

Holy cripes…


[quote comment=”60486″]Did people ever have these problems when freight trains ran on those tracks a few years ago? Remember the intersection of Baldwin and River Road where the tracks ran straight through the middle? At least the light rail is elevated over that, now.[/quote]

Folks drive into the path of freight trains all the time, but it’s often in some far away flyover state.

Now, the Boston T might be a more analogous train to which we can compare our light rail system. Cars do indeed get hit by the T. I saw it several times when I lived in Boston. Generally speaking, the car driver was oblivious to the fact that there is a train and turned right in front of the train across the tracks, often at a U-turn, sometimes at normal intersections.

Maybe folks think that the train can stop on a dime? Not sure why they’d think that — it’s many times bigger than a car and can be carrying dozens of people at a time.