Is Hoboken Anti-Charter School?

Hoboken Anti-Charter School? Some folks think so

Over the years, we’ve heard many tales about how the “reform” folks over at the city “Board of Education” have not been too keen on the rapid expansion of various charter schools in Hoboken. Somehow, it apparently takes some of the “thunder” and attention away from the “official” city-run “educational” system.

But regardless, the charter schools are probably playing a huge role in any remaining economic viability in this town, as many parents would be out of their mind to send their kids to one of the worst school districts in the state. That said, some parents believe the Hoboken BoE is vehemently anti-charter school at this point.

Board of Education in Hoboken Anti charter school according to parents - Is Hoboken Anti-Charter School?

Hoboken wants to revoke HoLa Charter?

One of the schools in the crosshairs of the Hoboken Board of Education is apparently the HoLa Dual Language Charter School.

A Hoboken parent emailed Hoboken411 recently – and wants to shine some light on an developing situation.

First, take a look at this letter from the “Commissioner,” and then read what the resident said:

“Did you know about the Hoboken School Board trying to keep HoLa charter school from expanding and ultimately revoking their charter?

Here’s the link to the line in the agenda for Tuesday night:

In the agenda it’s clear that it’s a funding issue.

However, the Superintendent is assuming that schools like HoLa are taking away from his programs.

They are not. Many families would have moved out years ago if not for the educational opportunities that charter schools like HoLa offer residents.”

Do you think the Hoboken Board of Education in Hoboken is “playing with fire?” Letting egos get in the way of educational options and advancement for families here in town?

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